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The Urban Communication Landscape
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Research and published works

article  "The Impact of Digitalization on Social Interaction and Public Space," in URBAN  SPACE DIVERSITY: Paradoxes and Realities, June 2012

Review Essay: Urban Communication: The Blind Men and the Elephant


Privacy, Predictability or Serendipity and Digital Cities Digital Cities II: Computational and Sociological Approaches


Through the Looking glass:Illusions of Transparency and the Cult of Information Journal of Management Development

Urban and Suburban Communication in the Digital Age Hofstra Horizons

The Mediated Home in the Global Village

The Regulation of Public Social Life: Communication Law Revisited Communication Quarterly

Surveillance and Safety Opinion New York Times

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Distance learning and education as place

The Demise of Privacy in a Private World: From Front Porches to Chat Rooms Journal of Communication Theory

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