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Traditionally, the technologies of telecommunications, broadcasting, satellite, and computing operated independently while the industries associated with each were regulated independently along the same lines. Technological convergence challenges the vertical regulatory models of broadcasting, telecommunications, and computer services while simultaneously challenging the traditional approach to regulation by nation-states. It is time for a critical examination of regulations which support convergence while addressing the realities of the current media environment. This edited volume provides a heuristic analysis of the challenges facing regulators and media institutions. Chapters explore the nature of the laws and regulations straining under the new technological realities, consider the changes already made to accommodate the new media landscape, and examine new directions and approaches to the regulation of convergent media technologies and media institutions.
Peter Lang Publishers
ISBN-10: 143311089X | ISBN-13: 978-1433110894 | Edition: First printing


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The Emergence of Convergence: Technologies, Industries, and Regulations

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