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Gary Gumpert, Series Editor 
Urban Communication Series 
Cities are inherently places of communication, meeting spaces for interaction and/or observation. The nature of any communication venue is altered by social and technological circumstances and the urban environment is altered, in turn, by changes in communication patterns. We need to understand relationships among these significant forces--communication, technology, and the urban, suburban, rural environment--as they shape each other. Communication systems and urban social systems can be examined at multiple levels as scholars and planners examine interaction in public spaces, neighborhood communication patterns, and urban systems of transport. 
The focus of this series is on social relationships in a swiftly changing communication environment. Media coverage of urban issues, conflict resolution and contested urban space, visual communication, rhetorical dimensions of urban life, film and the city, journalism, the ethnic press, local media and public policy are just some of the areas of relevance. Volumes in this series provide a forum to explore and discuss the challenges created by the intersection of communication and urban life, focusing on what communication scholarship has to offer for enhanced understanding of cities and for the development of a public policy that takes into account communication needs and practices.
Books in Series
Communicative Cities in the 21st Century edited by Matthew Matsaganis, Vicotria Gallagher and Susan Drucker.

Susan Drucker, Series Editor

Communication Law Series

Acknowledging the variety of ways in which the disciplines of communication and law converge, the aim of this series is to publish books at the nexus of these two areas with particular attention paid to communication in law in the changing media landscape.

Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, volumes in this series provide analysis of issues at the interdisciplinary and international level such as free and responsible speech, media law, regulation and policy, press freedoms and governance of new media. 

Books in Series:

Regulating Social Media: Legal and Ethical Considerations Edited by Susan J. Drucker and Gary Gumpert, 2013

Transparency 2.0: Digital Data and Privacy in a Wired World

Edited by Charles N. Davis and David Cuillier, 2014 

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